Growth and business expansion makes you feel good about yourself, you think, it’s the time to reduce speed and enjoy a smooth drive for sometime, as we are leading on the road to success in our business, once you relax or relieved, you may lag short on many fronts, as technology is changing everyday and whoever offers innovative solutions gets the lead.

Although you have every right to take a breath after making so much mileage on your business activity, competition does not spare you and your competitor spearheads to grab more share than what you have. Therefore, you ask yourself…

  • Where are the solutions?
  • How can I cope with this problem?
  • What can work for me?
DA has the Answer

Data Alcott gives you room to enjoy your business all the way. When you are growing, DA support your growth with strong monitoring and support services to keep-up with your pace. When you are consolidating the lead, DA takes care of the innovative needs and solutions and equip you with the same to keep your lead on your competitors.

For the employers, DA offers consultancy and support services to stay ahead in terms of technology and innovation. On the other hand, DA offers vital training and up-gradation programs to employees to enable them comply with the highly demanding and ever changing technologies. DA has developed a comprehensive and timeless online education program for employees to make them understand new technologies through fast track training module. Beyond consultancy, DA also shares business and ideas at global platform.

Business Model

We have built our business model inline with the needs of all the stakeholders in this venture, (Employer, employee and consultants).

First step

At Data Alcott, we conduct a research to get real insight about the problems and shortcoming of all the stakeholders involved in different sectors especially in it. As a test case, we have taken SAP professionals. We have undergone a very comprehensive research about the SAP professionals and gathered real insight about their strengths and shortcomings.

Second Step

We have a database of true professionals of SAP with extensive practical experience of SAP in leading organizations and industries. We have collected their professional insight and knowledge in the form of Audio, Video and other format to reproduce them for training purposes of employees.

Third Step

Bringing in non-tech people who are not consuming their maximum energies and despite SAP qualification, they are not doing great jobs due to lack of practical knowledge and way to enhance their skills. We will give these selected employees an access to our online training material to make them aware about the latest techniques and trade knowledge by listening to experienced people from their own field. We have made real difference to a considerable number of professionals by doing this kind of trainings and it has paid us in the long run.

Fourth Step

In the final phase, DA equips these qualified and trained professionals with excellent presentations skills by training them on resume preparation and guiding them how to behave like a trained person. They take-on their job with more self-belief and higher ambitions and with our assurance of support as their team members.

DA has brought great revolution to the life of countless SAP professionals by training them on the above cited business model.

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