Carrying forward commitment…Leaving behind accomplishments

DA has a proud history and a greater future. Innovation and inventions are the highlights in our 10 years of existence in the business. Satisfied customer served as source of credibility and their word of mouth earned us name, acclaim and business fame.

We are humble and down to earth but our way of thinking is point of difference. DA has been moving ahead in its field of expertise by leaving behind accomplishments and carrying forward commitment to do better everyday. DA leadership has been exposed to world’s biggest corporate entities including BT and UIC medical center and it is the exposure of our people that gives us real insight into company’s needs analysis and support.

We stood ahead of time all the way in our business approach and we have been the first to identify the needs of market and offer appropriate solution. We have accomplished just one considerable thing in this many years, “where is the gap”, and it is the master key to our successful consulting. DA recognized the immense gap that always existed between employer and employee. A lot of constructive energies and resources of the firms have been consumed in minimizing this gap though unaware of the fact; it was a swinging stick in the dark kind of approach.

DA utilizes top-of the line technologies to evaluate and assist its client like video capturing of the screen with camtesia studio.

DA became pioneer in identifying the problem and than offering the solution in shape of its timeless services, which serve as bridge in minimizing the gap between the two stakeholders in the business.

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